Answers To Three Common Tankless Water Heater Questions

Are you tempted to replace your old water heater with a tankless style? Before calling in a plumber to make the switch, understand the truth about tankless water heaters. This guide answers three common questions about tankless heaters, which can help you make the decision to upgrade. #1: Are Tankless Water Heaters More Efficient Than […]

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Flush Your Water Heater And Extend Its Life

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says you can expect to get around 12 years of service from your water heater. To get the most life from this appliance, you should flush it out every year. You’ll keep the water tank from rusting as long as possible with this little bit of maintenance. If […]

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Hot Water Heater Temperature Pressure Relief Valves – Why Do They Leak?

On the side of your hot water heater, there is a pipe that comes out horizontally and goes vertical at an elbow just a couple inches away from the tank. This is the temperature pressure relief valve. Have you noticed water coming out of that tube? If so, it is time to take action immediately. […]

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Differentiating Between Heaters

Having your heater break down on you can be one of the most stressful experiences imaginable, especially if it happens during a harsh winter. Therefore, it is in your interest to take preemptive measures by learning about your heater in order to ensure that it will be running smoothly and keeping you warm. Here is […]

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The First 3 Things To Do When A Sump Pump Fails

Sump pumps work by ensuring that excess water is removed, usually from basements and other ground floor rooms. Working properly, these pumps can keep previously waterlogged rooms safe and dry. When sump pumps stop working properly, however, water can accumulate frighteningly fast. Occasionally, flood waters can overwhelm a pump, but the typical culprit is almost […]

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Learn How To Clean And Replace Your Gas Water Heater’s Thermocouple

If your gas water heater isn’t heating up water, the thermocouple may need to be cleaned or replaced. This part acts as a sensor and is connected to the pilot light. Make this repair with a few inexpensive materials. Materials emery cloth sandpaper lint free cloth flashlight adjustable wrench pliers thermocouple Cleaning Steps Turn off […]

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3 Common Plumbing Problems Solved

Face it, there are always going to be nagging little plumbing problems that just don’t warrant paying a professional to come fix. And so, inevitably, you end up simply living with them. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you would like to pick up some helpful plumbing tips, read on. This article […]

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3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Drain Clogs

Clogs are a common occurrence. If you find yourself trying to clean out your drains on a regular basis, you may not be doing the right things to prevent clogs from happening. Here are some things you can do to avoid clogs in your sinks and toilets. Avoid Oils and Fats in the Drain One […]

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Comparing Copper And Iron Pipes

While plastic plumbing has slowly become more common, the two most common types of pipes used for plumbing are made out of copper and iron. Both copper and iron pipes offer a different set of advantages over each other. Whether you are replacing your pipes or installing a plumbing system in a newly constructed home, […]

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An Eco-Friendly Way To Unclog Your Drains

A clogged drain is a common problem that plumbers receive calls about on a daily basis. Dirt, grime, and debris are notorious for shutting down your plumbing system. You go to wash your hands and notice the water won’t drain. This is one of the most common signs, your drains may be clogged. When this […]

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